Legal Documents

Petition for Certiorari

This document is the petition for Certiorari filed with the United States Supreme Court on December 16, 1998 for plaintiff Cecilia Lacks v. Ferguson Reorganized School District

Brief Amici Curiae in Support for Petition for Certiorari

This case lies at the intersection of a number of serious and difficult legal, pedagogical and political currents in public education today.

Jury Findings

A newspaper article which announces the initial jury decision in favor of Lacks and lists the jury findings.

Lacks' Brief in response to the Ferguson-Florissant School District's appeal to the 8th Circuit.
This brief outlines the facts of the case as supported by the Jury Decision and by Judge Perry's decision.

Judge Theodore McMillian in Dissent of Rejection of Petition for rehearing by the 8th Circuit, Aug. 15, 1996
“When good teachers are scared away or driven from our schools because they cannot trust the system to treat them honestly and fairly, we are all affected, most especially our children.”- Justice Theodore McMillian