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Civil Disservice
Civil Disservice is an account by Riverfront Times reporter Jeannette Batz on the overturning of the Judge Perry's order for reinstatement and the jury verdicts in favor of Lacks on the First Amendment and Title VII race claims by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Back To School
The U.S. District Court orders the reinstatement of teacher Cissy Lacks, by Riverfront Times reporter Jeannette Batz

Fired St. Louis Teacher
Wins National Acclaim

Ferguson-Florissant School District fired writing teacher Cissy Lacks because of profanity used by her eleventh-grade students in videotapes about drugs, gangs and teen pregnancy. by Riverfront Times reporter Jeannette Batz

Past Imperfect
In her lawsuit against the Ferguson-Florissant School District, Cissy Lacks' defense hones in on conflicting testimony.

Making Her Case
Students and writer-educators testify on creativity - language, profanity and meaningful education as reinstated Ferguson-Florissant teacher Cissy Lacks sues the district, by Jeannette Batz

Hard Lesson (696K)
Cissy Lacks teaches the Ferguson-Florissant School District the high cost of censorship.

The following articles are from the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

A Nonconformist Takes A Hit
With First Amendment rights at stake and the facts in dispute, an appellate judge shouldn't be second-guessing the jury's determination of who is telling the truth. In effect, that's what Judge Arnold did.
Editorial, St. Louis Post Dispatch, June 24, 1998

Firing of Cissy Lacks Was 'Disruptive'
She paid the price for enforcement of a rule arbitrarily conceived, thoughtlessly applied and unreasonably enforced.
Commentary Friday, July 10, 1998 in Editorial Section

She's No Rebel?
Teacher at Center of Profanity Controversy Sees herself as Conformist
November, 24, 1996, Post Dispatch

Acceptance of Raw Poem Sparked Interest In Writing, Teen Testifies
Former students support teacher Cissy Lacks in her suit against the Ferguson-Florissant schools for firing her.
November 9, 1996, News, Post Dispatch

Language Lesson From Cissy Lacks
Before he had Ms. Lacks as an English teacher, writing was far from his favorite activity; once she had let him express himself, first in raw language, then with more acceptable words, he became an award-winning poet.
Editorial, November 20, 1996, Post Dispatch

Don't Crush The Creative Spirit
Editorial, March 12, 1995, Post Dispatch

Outrage At Principal's Bias In Cissy Lacks Case
Guest Commentary, November 23, 1996, Post Dispatch

The Freedom To Learn
The self-appointed censors are as prevalent as ever in the nation's schools.
Editorial, September 9, 1995 Post Dispatch

Creative Writing At Its Worst
The statement (Ferguson Florissant School District) issued Friday to justify firing her created a skewed interpretation of the case and a justification that was designed more to protect their own authority than to further what should be their main focus - the education of the students in their care.
Editorial, March 27, 1995, Post Dispatch

Teacher A Reacher - In Class Or Out, Cissy Lacks Likes To Explore
A More Personal Look at Cissy Lacks Through A News/Feature Story
March 26, 1995, Feature Story, Post Dispatch

Lacks Verdict Proves It's Not Profane For A Teacher To Display Creativity
"Let's hear it for those teachers who are willing to go outside tradition to make sure kids learn."
a personal column by Greg Freeman of the Post Dispatch, November 22, 1996

PEN’s  Power                                                                                                           PEN, the respected writers' association, has a worthy recipient for its First Amendment Award in Cissy Lacks
Editorial, April 26, 1996 Post Dispatch

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