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She gained national attention as a teacher and First  Amendment advocate during her much publicized legal case against the school district for whic

Paul Newman presenting the PEN/Newman 1st Amendment Award to Cissy Lacks.

h she taught 25 years.  If you are at this website, you have some knowledge of her case which is “one of the most disturbing in the annals of school law.”

Brief Summary of Case

Cissy Lacks is the recipient of the PEN/Newman's Own Award, which is given each year to one person in the United States who has defended First Amendment rights at a personal risk. She was presented the award by Paul Newman. She was also the "Person of the Week" on ABC World News Tonight, and she was the topic of a Dateline NBC story.
Lacks is a photographer with several one-woman shows in her portfolio and she is a writer with publications in both the creative and non-fiction areas.

Dr. Lacks has a PhD in American Studies from Saint Louis University,   a Specialist degree in Education Administration from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, a master's degree in broadcasting from Boston University, and a bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

The Teacher Case section of this site is a central reference for material related to Dr. Lacks’ case against the Ferguson Florissant School District.

The Photography section is a show case for her photographs and exhibitions.              This section is under construction at the present.

The Writing section is a sample of her creative work: articles, essays and projects not related to her teacher case.                                                                    This section is under construction at the present.


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Cissy Lacks is a teacher, photographer and writer.